Legal Representation in Trust and Estate Matters

Tyler & Reynolds Professional Corporation provides legal representation in trust and estate matters.   For more than 100 years, our attorneys have represented clients in estate planning and estate administration, trusts and wills, probate, and estate and trust taxation.   We have among our clients families who have been with us for generations.   Having seen how our clients' estate plans play out in the long run, our strategies and estate planning documents have been refined to reflect what we have learned.

We have long experience administering estates and trusts and representing executors, administrators and trustees as well as beneficiaries concerned about their rights.

Your needs are unique and we focus on your individual goals.   We make sure we understand what you want, explain the law and your options, and offer you advice based on what we have seen over many years of working with other families.

New clients are welcome whether their estates are large or small.   There is no charge for the first meeting.

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